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  1. 40 People Online and a nice 610 Members! 🙂

  2. im not banned dont worry loves

    1. AJ D 5S-36

      AJ D 5S-36

      stop the cap


  3. How you doing?

  4. New Video! - 



    1. James L. Civ-17

      James L. Civ-17

      Love the video! What photo editing software do you use?

  5. my statistics show we average 50 now?

  6. 53 people on! 😉

  7. hows dan been?

    1. BxRaven524


      foul asl. LMFAO


  8. you do be on dis site 24/7 doe 😉


    1. James L. Civ-17

      James L. Civ-17

      He is thinking about how much he misses Statewide and that he should reapply at https://www.statewiderp.net/application/

    2. Zachary P. 6T-1

      Zachary P. 6T-1

      What James said. @Tyler J. Civ-1 were ready when you are. 😉

  9. Question of The Day: Do we really care?

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    2. Zachary P. 6T-1

      Zachary P. 6T-1

      No, two "near death experiences" later I have no Mental capacity to care.

    3. Amy J. F-113
    4. James L. Civ-17
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