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  1. last day of first grade today, kinda sad, dont wanna go to second grade next year :classic_sad:

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    2. Tyler Y. F-102

      Tyler Y. F-102

      i havent started school yet, starting next year

    3. Tony P. Civ-22 5D-560

      Tony P. Civ-22 5D-560

      NOOOOOO I got held back who else am I going to annoy

  2. Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders on a Sunday with Ranch and Blue Cheese with Mtn Dew with a Creamy Pot Pie.

    1. Yacht E. 5S-10

      Yacht E. 5S-10

      youre not that guy, pal

  3. where's da baby?

  4. #theyalwayscomeback

  5. Connor is trash at R6 lllololol

  6. Anyone else boutta be on spring break???

    1. Nick G. F-101

      Nick G. F-101

      Me, only got 3 days left 


  7. Yo soap and chocolate is the moveeee 🔥

  8. Connor F. 6D-17 likes Muffins, Chocolate ones especially.

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    2. Zachary P. 6T-1

      Zachary P. 6T-1

      I like to think I'm a likeable guy. 😉

    3. James L. Civ-17

      James L. Civ-17

      @Connor F. 6D-17 Just like my dad smacks me

    4. Zachary P. 6T-1
  9. damn civ department do be getting new eup tho 🔥

    1. Protik H. Civ-1

      Protik H. Civ-1

      Connor do be dying from all the civs kus he got no aim.

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