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  1. all of my homies are in SAHP

    1. Woods C. Civ-1

      Woods C. Civ-1

      im not your homie tyler

    2. Ethan A. 2L-326
    3. AJ D.

      AJ D.


  2. Join SAHP or you will have 10 years of bad luck. 💯

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zachary P. 6T-1

      Zachary P. 6T-1

      Ive got a lifetime of bad luck.....

    3. Tyler Y. F-102

      Tyler Y. F-102

      i mean you're not makin it past 21 so you cant get 10 years of bad luck

    4. Cole Z. Civ-28

      Cole Z. Civ-28

      by federal law you have to transfer all hp to civ sorry!

  3. Beef crunchwrap supreme from taco bell 

  4. Chicken nuggets

    1. Eastern


      Negative, go back 10-8

    2. Zachary P. 6T-1

      Zachary P. 6T-1

      is there any dippin sauce??

  5. Why don't you come back Tyler? We miss you

    1. Zachary P. 6T-1

      Zachary P. 6T-1

      Do we though???? 😳

    2. Reece T. 5S-22
    3. James L. Civ-17

      James L. Civ-17

      @Zachary P. 6T-1 It's called negotiations

  6. why you stop dming me :classic_sad:

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