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  1. How’s everyone doing?

  2. Never been a better time to join the StatewideRP family.

  3. 24/7 Patrols coming soon?

  4. BxRaven’s new YT vid!


  5. @BxRaven524Suns in 5

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Matthew J. 3C-1

      Matthew J. 3C-1

      All I am going to say is you missed out. 

    3. BxRaven524


      It was a great game fr.

    4. Cole Z. Civ-32

      Cole Z. Civ-32

      hawks in 7.

  6. @Protik H. Civ-1 Good luck in second grade. 

    1. Protik H. Civ-1

      Protik H. Civ-1

      thanks man, kinda nervous tho 

  7. Watermelon 

  8. #Statewidestrong

  9. StatewideRP!

  10. @BxRaven524Gun sounds sure do be hitting diffrent.

  11. @Reece T. 5S-20 them screenshots do be hot af.

    1. Reece T. 5S-22

      Reece T. 5S-22


  12. @Raddiccall  Remember they always come back!

  13. @Protik H. Civ-9 do be talking a whole lot.

  14. Cant wait till new update is out.

    1. James L. Civ-17

      James L. Civ-17

      Same here it is going to be absolutely sick!

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