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  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Los Santos Police Department is to serve the people of Los Santos and those who visit our city through purposed policing that protects our citizens, prevents criminal acts, and provides the highest quality of law enforcement services available anywhere.

  • Department Command Staff
    Interim Chief of Police: Lucas W. 
    Assistant Chief of Police: Renze H. 
    Deputy Chief of Police: Abraham R. 
    Police Commander: Houston A.

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    Vinewood & Del Perro Police Division

  • Recruitment
    The Los Santos Police Department is openly hiring experienced or non-experienced personnel via application. 
    Transfers from another in game agency, into the department are open.
    Transfers out of the department, into another in game agency are open.

    We will strive to achieve the highest level of quality in all aspects of our work. We will never be satisfied with the "status quo." The public demands that the integrity of its law enforcement officers be above reproach; we value innovation and support creativity. We realize that constant change is a way of life in a dynamic state like San Andreas, and we dedicate ourselves to proactively seeking new and better ways to serve.

    This is our family. This is the LSPD.
    Quality, Integrity, Sacrifice. Do you have what it takes?
    Apply Here!

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    Police Department Sub-Divisions
    The Los Santos Police Department will offer 5 subdivisions over the course of time. The subdivisions offered will consist of Traffic Enforcement Unit, Criminal Investigations Division, University Police, K-9 Unit, and Port Authority. Please read the descriptions below, you may apply for a subdivision when you have achieved the appropriate rank.

  • Traffic Enforcement Unit


    Coordinator - Abraham R.

    The Traffic Enforcement Division is tasked with minimizing the number of traffic incidents as much as possible throughout a given year.  We are a traffic specific subdivision aiming towards everyday traffic offenses, down to criminal pursuits and apprehension. 

  • Port Authority


    Commissioner - Vacant

    The primary mission of the Los Santos Port Authority is to ensure safety for everyone, with specialized tools provided to us by the LSPD. We protect and serve the citizens of San Andreas, ensuring to bring them a safe day to day life whether that be by air, land or seas. The LSPA protects the ports, LSIA and all water bodies within Los Santos County.

  • Canine Unit


    Commander - Nick G.

    The Los Santos Police Department is mandated to provide for the safety and security of the courts, court personnel, and the public at large. The objective of the K-9 unit is to provide line support teams within the Office with highly mobile, specially-trained Police dogs. The K-9 Team has particular attributes in searching for items or people which can quickly facilitate their location. In this regard, the required resources can be properly utilized with additional safety for Police Department personnel. 



  • Criminal Investigations Division


    Lead Detective - Robert D.

    Welcome to the Los Santos Police Department Detective Bureau where we believe there is beauty in truth. Here in the Detective Bureau we have the most intuitive, vigilant, and passionate men and women within our community come together to bring families back together, remove narcotics from the streets, recover those who do not wish to be found, as well as stolen property and bringing closure to the families that have lost a loved one tragically. Our goal is not necessarily to accumulate the most arrests, but to be sure it is always the truth that surfaces rather than the deceitful. 

  • University Police


    UP Lead - John U.

    The ULSA Police department subdivision of the Los Santos Police Department provides safety to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors of any campus properties and surrounding area while upholding the laws of the state of San Andreas. Officers interact with all individuals within our jurisdiction to build meaningful bonds to ensure campus safety. Our main goal is not necessarily to accumulate arrests but to provide moments for all we encounter to learn and better themselves. The University Police Department strives to better our campus and our community.



    Rank Structure

    Command Staff
    Chief of Police
    Assistant Chief of Police
    Deputy Chief of Police

    Police Commander

    Field Command

    Master Sergeant
    Staff Sergeant

    Supervisor in Training
    Senior Corporal

    Patrol Officers
    Senior Police Officer
    Police Officer III

    Police Officer II
    Police Officer I

    Probationary Officer

    Recruit Stage
    Police Cadet


  • Department News

    New LSPD Traffic Unit Vehicle expected to hit the streets soon!

  • Recruit Status: OPEN
    Transfer Status: OPEN

  • Message from the COC

    Hello all. Our mission here at the Los Santos Police Department is to serve and protect the City of Los Santos. Operating with respect, knowledge and integrity. Our goal is to ensure the trust in the citizens of LS by upholding the most efficient and professional standards. 

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