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  • July’s Department Statistics:

    231 Hours Dispatched   7982 LEO Calls   4197 FIRE Calls

  • Who are we?

    The San Andreas Communications Department is dedicated to providing service to the citizens and first responders within the State of San Andreas. We serve as the communication link between citizens and public safety agencies by answering 911 calls and non emergency calls to those in need, we also provide communications support and coordination of all public safety and supporting agencies and serve as a lifeline for first responders. In carrying out our mission, we recognize that service is our one and only product that we share a common, ongoing goal, to provide it at the most superior and professional level possible. We also recognize that our strength and success is tied directly to the individual and unique contributions of each of us working in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork with our first responder associates. Our actions help save lives, protect property and assist the public in their time of need.

  • Missions Statement:

    San Andreas Communications Department is composed of people dedicated to preserving the value of life and property for all citizens and visitors in our diverse community. We answer and dispatch emergency and non-emergency calls in a timely, precise and skilled manner. We are committed to excellence in the delivery of these services while treating people with dignity, respect and empathy. We are the vital link between public safety and citizens who need assistance. We strive to continuously improve through training, public feedback and teamwork. By utilizing technology and experience, we will continue to grow to fulfill the needs of our ever-changing community and all who pass through it.

  • Code of Ethics:

    As a Public Safety Telecommunicator, I am dedicated to serving the public; to safeguard life and property; to keep my personnel informed on all calls that may require their attention; to assist all public safety vehicles and personnel in the performance of their duties; and assure that all rules and regulations which govern my position are not violated in any manner. 

  • Leadership
    Whether in a supervisory position or not, the San Andreas Communications Department encourages and promotes the highest level of individual and team leadership possible. It is our belief that a department can not be truly successful without a strong sense of team involvement. 

    The SACD is committed to holding our Operators to the highest standards possible, and strive to prove ourselves through these standards in action. 

    The SACD prides itself in honesty as a partner to law enforcement agencies, and is constantly committed to the citizens of San Andreas. Our goal is to create a unprecedented level of transparency between the citizens of our great state. 

    Our main goal is to be servants under the law and provide the greatest level of safety, security, and service to our community. 

  • Operator of the Month:

    Cameron A. C-400

  • Administration Staff

    Dispatch Director 

    Dispatch Deputy Director 

    Director of Operations 

    Operations Commander


    Senior Staff 

    Dispatch Manager

    Dispatch Asst. Manager


    Staff Members

    Dispatch Supervisor

    Dispatch Asst. Supervisor


    Staff in Training

    Dispatch Advisor



    Operator V

    Operator IV

    Operator III 

    Operator II

    Operator I

    Dispatch Cadet

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