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  • Who are we?

    In the Communications Division, we strive for greatness and to protect the Citizens, Deputies, Officers, Troopers, and Firefighters who serve and protect the State of San Andreas. Communications is the backbone for Emergency and Civilian life alike. We believe in strong morals such as Honesty, Integrity, Trust and Respect. We hold these values core and expect the same when interacting with us.

  • Missions Statement:

    The San Andreas Communications Department strives to provide communications with professionalism, compassion, and efficiency. Striving to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. 

  • Code of Ethics:

    As a Public Safety Telecommunicator, I am dedicated to serving the public; to safeguard life and property; to keep my personnel informed on all calls that may require their attention; to assist all public safety vehicles and personnel in the performance of their duties; and assure that all rules and regulations which govern my position are not violated in any manner. 

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  • Recruitment: OPEN
    Reserves: OPEN 
    Transfers: OPEN

  • May Department Statistics:

    231 Hours Dispatched   7982 LEO Calls   4197 FIRE Calls

  • Operator of the Month:

    Tyler S. C-500

  • Administration Staff

    Dispatch Director - Jared H.

    Dispatch Deputy Director - Vacant

    Director of Operations - Vacant

    Operations Commander - Vacant


    Senior Staff 

    Dispatch Manager

    Dispatch Supervisor


    Staff Members

    Lead Senior Operator

    Senior Operator IV

    Senior Operator III


    Staff in Training

    Senior Operator II

    Senior Operator I



    Operator IV

    Operator III 

    Operator II

    Operator I

    Dispatch Cadet

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